Conceptual master plan Ellis - Methvin Park

Ellis - Methvin Park


Conceptual plan - Urban Forest Park

Urban Forest Park
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Engineering As-Built Requirements Checklist


Engineering Plans Submittal Checklist, 2014



Welcome to the City of Plant City Engineering Division web site. We hope you enjoy the look of our new web site which includes updated design details along along with our draft technical manual. Also, we have included downloadable models for the Eastside Canal (ICPR), Westside Canal, Water Cad computer models, existing lift station AutoCAD files and numerous other changes have also been incorporated.

Please feel free to peruse this site.

The existing GIS map may be found under our interactive tabs at the top of this page. Simply direct your cursor to the tabs and a menu will allow you to choose the desired item in categories under each heading.


Basic interactive maps may be found on this page simply by clicking on any one of the maps on the left of your screen to enlarge the map.


The public-service announcement for stormsurge published by Hillsborough County Government:


Click below for Macintosh Park stormwater treatment wetland aerial



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Also available in PDF format. Click here to open.(850KB)


Proposed projects that we are currently working on include: Ellis-Methvin Park and the Urban Forest. You may click the designs on the right to enlarge these plans.